Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Love Linux, But It's a One-Sided Relationship

So I love Linux (specifically Ubuntu), but it can be a pain in the arse, a lot. Its beauty, power, and price are unmatched by anything else I have ever seen, including Windows and Mac. But its complexity rivals that of good jazz music. However, I can always forgive it :D
Linux comes with a massive userbase within its network of forums and how-to articles and wikis. It's all about searching for the right info, and you will find what you need. Hint: Google is my best friend.
Today Compiz, Ubuntu's manager of all its awesome beauty and special effects, is bothering me. It won't save my custom profile! But that's what the Compiz forums are for! I bet I'll have it fixed faster than Steve Jobs can put on his turtleneck.
EDIT: Yep, fixed it. Thank His Holy Noodliness for those who volunteer their time and skill to help others.

Here's an example of what Compiz can do. Of course, you'd need much more than 2:25 to show all its powers. The potential is astronomical. Thinking of switching yet?

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