Friday, June 26, 2009

Firefox Plugins I Couldn't Live Without (for me, at least)

There are a certain few plugins for Firefox that I just love. Let's go over them:

1. Perapera-kun: A very useful and handy popup translator/dictionary/kanji lookup for Japanese text. Works much better than translators. A Chinese version is available too. The homepage can be found here. Requires dictionary found here, download the dictionary/ies of your choice.

2. Babelfish Instant Translation: A little app that translates selected text using GoogleDic, Google translator, or Yahoo translator into or from any of the supported languages. Homepage here.

3. Download Statusbar: Replaces that bulky download box thing in Firefox. Homepage here.

4. Video DownloadHelper: Makes it really to download about any video media embedded on a site, such as Youtube, or my personal favourite, ニコニコ動画. Homepage here.

5. Flagfox: Displays a country flag next to the URL of a site or on the status bar, and clicking on it will give you complete information of the server's location. Homepage here.

6. Personas for Firefox: Makes Firefox look a hell of a lot nicer. My personal favourite is the "Foxkeh" category. Homepage.

7. Scrapbook: Allows you to save an entire webpage to your computer, or even a whole site, and much more. Homepage.

8. StumbleUpon: The toolbar for the popular service, which opens a random high-rated site based on your interests. Terrific when you're bored. Also integrates with Google, etc. Homepage.

That about covers most of my plugins. Hopefully you will find some of these useful as well.

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